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Sound Bites Picnics are an initiative of the Deafness Foundation to support Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week (HAW) is an initiative of the Deafness Foundation, designed to raise awareness of the impact of hearing loss and how the community can implement prevention strategies to protect this valuable sense and simultaneously empower people with a hearing loss to reduce the risk of social isolation and loneliness.

The inaugural Sound Bites Picnics held through Hearing Awareness Week (27 Feb – 3 March, 2023) coincide with the World Health Organisation’s, World Hearing Day (3 March, 2023).

Bring your school, workplace and friends & family together, join the global drive to raise awareness of hearing protection, have some fun and teach our young people the value of protecting their hearing by holding a Sound Bites Picnic between 27 Feb – 3 March 2023.

Our goal is to raise awareness of hearing loss and prevent early hearing damage in young people. Hearing loss is life-altering and it is often preventable, so awareness in our young people is critical.

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About Us