Your questions answered

Sound Bites Picnics for Hearing Awareness ideally are held during Hearing Awareness Week.  World Hearing Day is celebrated on March 3rd each year, so it’s good to hold your picnic around that date if you can.  You can hold your picnic on any date in March – we’re grateful to receive your support anytime.

Sounds Bites Picnics help raise awareness in the community of the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing.  By hosting a picnic, you can help your friends, family, workplace or school to appreciate their hearing, protect it for the future and to better communicate with others who are hard of hearing.

The number of people at your picnic will depend on your location and your Government’s advice on outdoor gathering attendance.   If you are having your own picnic for family & friends, you can gather in a local park or garden and have everyone bring their own picnic fare.  Its all about coming together and appreciating the needs of those who are hard of hearing, and helping to raise awareness of this important sense.  Holding a Sound Bites Picnic also raises valuable funds to help the Deafness Foundation continue its important work in supporting research and community grants to make the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people better.

We ask that you register your picnic so that we can thank you as a supporter of Hearing Awareness Week.    We also provide you with a unique QR code you can use for donations, so that every dollar you raise from your picnic is not lost, and it’s a simple and easy way for people to donate.

Check our our Tips and Tools on the soundbitespicnic website where you can find information, invitations, activities and recipes so that you have a great picnic.

Go to the Tips and Tools section of our website to download an editable PDF.  Simply add the date of your picnic in the editable field, save the PDF and email or post the invitation on social media.

When you invite people to your picnic tell them why you are hosting the picnic, and why this cause is important to you.  Every dollar raised goes to help the Deafness Foundation support those impacted by hearing loss.  If you are hosting in your workplace, ask your supervisor if your organisation will match the dollars raised by individuals. 

When you have registered, you will be provided with a unique QR code which you can use at your event.

All donations raised support the Deafness Foundation to fund ongoing research and community grants, to increase awareness and provide better services for people who are hard of hearing.

When you make a donation over $75, you will automatically receive a tax receipt.

Sound Bites Picnics held outdoors are an ideal way to bring people together in a Covid safe way.  Check your Governments’ latest health advice.    Observe physical distances and ensure that your picnic fare is packaged individually.

The Deafness Foundation has a range of butterfly merchandise.  Why not order a pack of our pins to give to your picnic friends?

We’d love to see your picnic photos and share them on our socials.  Send your photos to info@soundbitespicnic.com.au