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  • Community Grants: $337,720
  • Research: $300,000
  • Education Awards: $66,000

Deafness Foundation provides a range of annual small grants to community organisations to help people who are hard of hearing.  Over the past years our grants have helped to provide:

  • Technology to assist 22,000 hard of hearing visitors to the Grampians National Park to engage with tours, presentations, demonstrations and multimedia.
  • Funds to support children with cochlear implants to attend special choral workshops
  • Sign language training for staff supporting people with intellectual disabilities
Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation 2020
“Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation was proud to join forces with the Deafness Foundation in providing a new portable audiometer for the Prince of Wales Hospital Audiology Team. It will improve access to timely diagnosis of a hearing problem, when the patient may need it the most.”
Courtney Gardens Primary School 2020
“The Equal Hearing Access grant for CGPS Community improved access for all students particularly impaired students when in the hall, thank you .”
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) 2020
“The Deafness Foundation Project Grant for Choral Training for children who use cochlear implants allowed RIDBC to run a successful pilot program to involve children who use cochlear implants in choral workshops conducted by professionals from Sydney Children’s Choir (Gondwana Choirs) and the RIDBC Cochlear Implant Program (SCIC). The project was a great success, the details and findings were presented to an international audience in Tokyo in November 2019 at the Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implants and Related Sciences.”
Tempo Inc – Hands on Music Project
Without the help and support of the Deafness Foundation, we would not have been able to facilitate the schools workshops as the cost of them was well outside the budget of most schools. ‘Thank you’ to the Deafness Foundation for sponsoring and supporting these music workshops in schools.
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John Pierce Centre
Mass for you at Home
Thank you so much on behalf of JPC for the Deafness Foundation Grant we received. The MFYAH Program was a huge success again this year and we are so proud to play our part in making it accessible to our community.
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Deafness and Dementia
The Deafness Foundation Grant provided funds for the development of two resources for family carers and health professionals to support the well-being of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and living with dementia, by increasing awareness and knowledge of the dementia and deafness experience.
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Shepard Centre
A great way for families to come together and learn from the experts. All the families are very grateful for the support of the Deafness Foundation.
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